HYHA Squirts Raise Banner

HAMDEN - HYHA raised its 2021-22 Squirt CHC State Championship banner Friday 11/18/22. The banner was unveiled back in September when the 2022-23 season opened and includes the full roster of the championship team. The banner sits on the opposing side of the Lou Astorino rink.

The banner is in honor of the 2021-22 Squirt B team, who went on an amazing end of the season run & capped it off with a Tier 4 Adams Division championship. "It was pretty special." said Coach Jimmy Carney, "we came out flat in our first playoff game but managed to turn it around and play some great hockey."

The team lost its first playoff game 9 - 3 against a very strong Enfield team. It went on to win the next 4 games: including a come from behind win against a Stamford A1 team & a 3 - 0 shutout against the very same Enfield team.

"It was a special year. All of the coaches could tell. When we came back against Stamford it was one of those great hockey memories." said Coach Des Bohan. "Any time you can bring a championship back to Hamden it's special." added Coach Justin Nolan.

The championship team now has players on three different HYHA teams for the 2022-23 season & all of them will get to play under their hard earned championship banner.