Neck Guards

Neck Guard Update

Effective March 1, 2022, all players registered to a CHC member program are required to wear an unmodified, BNQ Certified, neck protector specifically designed for the purpose of preventing or lessening the severity of lacerations to the neck. This requirement applies to any participant in any sanctioned on-ice event, including but not limited to games, practices, tournaments, jamborees, etc.

CHC does not endorse any particular manufacturer or model, but joins with USA Hockey in its recommendation to choose the guard that provides the most neck coverage possible for each particular player. Substitution of non-conforming alternatives such as skate towels or socks worn around the neck will not constitute compliance.

USA Hockey officials in Connecticut will be charged with enforcement of this CHC rule. At the beginning of each game, all players will be surveyed, and any found to be without a neck guard will be instructed to leave the bench until such time as they are wearing an approved neck guard. Once the game has begun, the first instance of any player found without a neck guard during play will cause a warning to both benches. Subsequent occurrences will result in a misconduct penalty to the offending player.

In games involving non-CHC teams whose affiliates do not require neck guards, those teams will not be subject to this rule. CHC teams playing outside of Connecticut will be expected to follow this rule, regardless of official enforcement.

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