Practice Plans

HYHA Practice Template

The HYHA practice plan below can be used as template for coaches to plan a practice out in advance, and for more advanced level teams, send to their teams prior to practice.

USA Hockey Practice Plans

Linked here are USA hockey's collection of age specific practice plans.

Coaches can use the practice plans as a guide and select the plans that best suit the group of kids with which they are working. This can be done by scaling up or scaling down the plans and progressions, or even better, by creating your own plans using a combination of these drills and games as well as your own ideas that match the players' abilities.

IHS Drill Maker

Linked here is IHS's free online Drill Maker. Its a great tool that can be used to draw plays you can include in your practice plans. It's a smart way to coordinate where players, coaches, pucks, and obstacles should be.

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