HYHA Shoulder Check

HYHA is proud to partner with Shoulder Check. This year we hosted the first program wide Shoulder Check event. The event was held with the hopes of bringing more attention to mental health & what it can mean for kids & hockey.

Hockey can sometimes be hard & life can be harder. Our hope with the event is to help players & families realize how important checking in & being there for someone can be. As part of a large hockey HYHA family we hope to be able to spread the word about checking in & being there for each other away from the puck.

QU Chronicle

Check out HYHA's article in the QU Chronicle about our recent Shoulder Check Day:

Hamden Youth Hockey celebrates partnership with NHL-endorsed foundation

What is Shoulder Check

Shoulder Check is an #HT40 initiative inspiring young men and women to commit to supporting one another through small acts that have a big impact. To show them that ‘being there’ is as simple as a hand on a shoulder.

What is Shoulder Check

Below as a note from Shoulder Check's Rob Thorsen & an example of how Shoulder Check is trying to spread the message about how to Reach Out, Check In, Make Contact.

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