Scoresheets & Roster Labels

The following is an overview of the requirements for each games scoresheets & roster labels.


  • Scoresheets should be supplied at the beginning of season.
  • If you are the home team, you are responsible for providing score sheet to your opponent. The home team is also required to have someone to fill it out the sheet during the game and to run the clock.
  • The team manager should keep all scoresheets from the entire year.
  • After a game, a picture of the scoresheet should be sent to the appropriate CHC contact and you should cc the HYHA email address:
  • Top two copies (white and yellow) go to Winning team.
  • Pink copy goes to Losing team.
  • Last white copy goes to the Referee.
  • In the case of a tie the home team gets the white and yellow copy, and the visitor gets the pink
  • copy.
  • Scoresheets should legible & at the game end the final scores circled.
  • Scoresheet needs to be signed by coaches from both the home and away team as well as the referees. This should be done prior to leaving the ice.

Roster Labels

  • Mite teams do not keep score and do not need Roster labels or scoresheets.
  • You will need 4 labels for each game (one for each copy scoresheet), players’ number, name and coach’s names and USA Hockey certification numbers with expiration date.
  • USA Hockey numbers are required for Coaches must be recorded on the roster labels.
  • Players should be listed alphabetically, not by number.
  • If a player is not playing in the game, they should be crossed out on the label
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