5000 Puck Challenge

Log Your Shots!

HYHA Development - 5,000 Puck Challenge

This off season HYHA is hosting a league wide 5000 Puck Challenge!

The program was created as a development opportunity for hockey players to develop their shooting and scoring skills at home.

There’s evidence to show that daily micro-practices are effective and often superior to longer practice sessions once or twice a week. When you practice a little each day, skills don’t erode. In fact, they get better.

The Goal

Shoot 5,000 pucks in 10 weeks.

Weekly Goal

500 shots per week

Daily Goal

100 shots per day, 5 days per week

How To Participate

As you shot your 100 daily pucks each week (remember 5 days a week), keep track of the shots you are taking. At the end of the week use the link here to log those shots!

As the weeks go on we'll have our leader boards for each type of shot!

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